Erase URLs From Address

Edit Web addresses in your Internet Explorer URL/address drop-down menu.
Assistance & Resources for Computing Inc
Vnc Address Book
Utility for saving remote VNC server details as bookmarks.
Vnc Address Book
StatTrak Address Manager
Contact manager for Windows.
All-Pro Software

Erase URLs from Address

BeeThink IP Address WhoIs
Tool for looking up IP address information.
BeeThink SoftWare, Inc.
GiSOFT Address is a very nice lightweight address manager.
Guy De Vos
Bassline WinPopUp
Rich featured Winpopup replacer. It lets you send a message to multiple recipients. Send Email, File......
Bassline Software
Smart Address
A sophisticated Windows address management system. For each contact create as many customized addres......
Oakley Data Services
Utility tool that changes a MAC Address of network adapter.
My Address Book for The Journal
My Address Book makes it easy to keep a simple address book in The Journal.
DavidRM Software
Address Book Recovery
Address Book Recovery recovers contacts information from Windows Address Book.
Recovery ToolBox
Router IP Address
Small utility for discovering the dynamic IP address.
Sonora Graphics
New Address Book
New Address Book
Excel Extract URLs From Multiple Files Software
Extract links from one or more MS Excel files.

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Erase URLs from Address

URL Remover
It can remove URLs from your Internet Explorer address bar.
Change MAC Address
Powerful MAC address spoofing program.
Portforward Static IP Address
Portforward Static IP Address helps setting up a static IP address.
Hide Business Fax Numbers From Address Book
Apptius Computer Solutions Inc. - Envelope Printer
It helps you print the Return and Delivery information for your envelopes.
Full customize address book
Address management program.
The Royal Software
Bluetooth MAC Address Changer
Bluetooth MAC Address Change allows you to change the bluetooth MAC address.